Michigan Mosaic Classes

If you are searching for top rated Michigan Mosaic Classes, look no further than Painting Sensations in Shelby Township, Michigan! We offer a wide variety of mosaic classes for the public and private parties. Call us at (586) 580-3968 to reserve a spot or click here to view our calendar and register online.

Below is an exciting bit of information about how Mosaic Art can help certain Children!

How Mosaic Art Assists Childrens’ Learning Abilities

  • Counting

  • Matching

  • Sorting

  • Recognition

  • Assembling

  • Decision making

  • Manual dexterity

  • Concentration

  • Attention

  • Patience

  • Problem solving

  • Memory

  • Logic

  • Perception

  • Imagination

  • Creativity

  • Intuition

  • Trust

  • Spatial and visual organisation (basics of geometry)

  • Fine motor skills

  • Coordinating a child’s thoughts and actions

  • Hand and eye coordination – extremely important step to help a child achieve difficult tasks easily, including reading and writing

  • Correlation between seeing and doing (sight and touch senses)

  • Math skills as the child learns about basic calculations, surface area, the best way to break down a larger area into smaller ones, shapes, spatial visualisation

  • Skills children will need to learn to read and write

  • Curiosity

  • Language skills as the child listens and follows instructions and talks about what they are doing

  • Creative self expression

  • Self exploration

  • Self discovery

In addition to the above, larger community projects teach:

  • Peer to peer interaction (subtly helps children to understand the relationships between people while learning to deal with them effectively)

  • Collaboration

  • Cooperative learning strategies

  • Self esteem

  • Confidence

  • That a child is one of many, each as valuable as the other

  • Tolerance

  • Difference

  • That a whole is made up of many parts – each one valid, each one value-adding

  • Community spirit

  • Responsibility

  • Safety

  • Friendship

  • That a child’s voice is heard, valid and celebrated

  • Art appreciation

How does mosaic art help the teacher/parent/caregiver?

  • Making mosaics provides an opportunity for formal learning experiences

  • The care provider can watch children work alone or in groups

  • They can monitor they way in which the children speak, move and concentrate

  • It allows for observation of a child to assess their development

  • It also allows for the care provider to understand what interests the child has, what engages them and why

Most importantly, kids love it!!

source: kimgrantmosaics.wordpress.com

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