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Canvas Gallery

Canvas classes are instructed by a local artist with step by step instruction. No prior art skills are needed. The gallery sections denoted the best age group for each design. The Canvas designs also specify which designs are preferred by boys or girls but of course these designs could be chosen for any gender. Most Canvas designs take two hours to complete but there are a few three hour designs. The three hour designs will be denoted in the descriptions. Just click on the picture in the sections below to start the sliding gallery show.


Canvas Parties are great to celebrate occasions such as:

- Birthdays - Girls Night Out - Bachelorette Parties - Business Parties - Fundraisers - Church Functions


Kids Canvas

Eiffel Tower At Night

Skill Level: Ages 7 & Up

Owl -  2 Hr

Skill Level: Ages 5 - 10 Girls & Boys

Unicorn - 2 Hr

Skill Level: Ages 5 - 11 Girls


Skill Level: Ages 9 & Up Girls & Boys

Adult Canvas


Skill Level: Adult / 3 Hr

Bridge Over Water Lilies

Skill Level: Adult / 2 Hr


Skill Level: Young Adult & Up


Skill Level: Adult

Paris Diptych

Skill Level: Adult

Birds in Winter

Skill Level: All

Michigan Winter

Skill Level: Adult


Skill Level: All


Skill Level: Adult

Adult Seasonal  Canvas

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